Worimi Conservation Lands

Top choice nature reserve in Port Stephens

Image by Westend61 Getty Images

Located at Stockton Bight, these are the longest moving sand dunes in the southern hemisphere, stretching more than 35km. Thanks to the generosity of the Worimi people, the traditional owners who now manage the area, you’re able to roam around and drive along the beach (4WD only, and always check conditions). You can get permits from a number of places including the Port Stephens visitor centre, the NPWS office in Nelson Bay and the Anna Bay BP petrol station.

It’s possible to become so surrounded by shimmering sand that you’ll lose sight of the ocean or any sign of life. As spectacular as this might be, it's the rich cultural heritage of the Worimi that makes this a truly special place to visit. The area includes numerous shell middens, some dating back tens of thousands of years. At the far western end of the beach, the wreck of the Sygna founders in the water. Plenty of tour operators offer experiences such as camel rides and sandboarding.