Robinson's Lookout

Byron Bay & Northern NSW

Not just a lookout, but a koala lookout.

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Nearby Byron Bay & Northern NSW attractions

1. Lismore Regional Gallery

0.74 MILES

Lismore’s gallery has long been a cultural force in the town and a real centre of creative life in the region. It holds excellent regularly changing…

2. Back Alley Gallery (B.A.G)

0.78 MILES

A couple of Lismore's laneways have been transformed into an impressive open-air gallery of street art by local and international artists. Follow Eggins…

3. Burribi Education Centre

1.67 MILES

This small volunteer-run centre takes in sick, injured and orphaned koalas from the surrounding area and does its best to rehabilitate them and release…

4. Djanbung Gardens

15.37 MILES

Nimbin was an innovator of the organic gardening movement and this world-renowned permaculture education centre, created out of a degraded cow pasture…

5. Hemp Embassy

15.75 MILES

Part shop, part stronghold for minor political group the Hemp Party, this colourful place raises consciousness about impending marijuana legalisation, and…

6. Big Prawn

15.9 MILES

Ballina's big prawn was nearly thrown on the BBQ in 2009, but no one had the stomach to dispatch it. After a $400,000 restoration in 2013 by hardware…

7. Northern Rivers Community Gallery

17.74 MILES

An excellent regional gallery representing the strong creative community that is an essential part of this region. Housed in the historic former Ballina…

8. Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum

17.94 MILES

In the 19th century Ballina was the third-largest port in NSW, and following WWII many ex-navy personnel took jobs in the shipyards here. One of the most…