Boasting some of the best beaches in the eastern Caribbean, plus great food and a wonderfully laid-back island culture, Barbados is a great choice when you want to get away from it all.

Avoid pre-travel stress and arrive on the island in a relaxed mood with our guide to Barbados’ entry requirements – covering visa exemptions, types of visas, costs, how to apply and more.

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Most tourists do not need a visa for Barbados

Tourists from most countries do not require a visa to visit Barbados. An entry stamp is given on arrival and you can stay on the island for between one and six months depending on your country of origin. You will of course need a valid passport and a return travel ticket in order to enter.

Travelers from the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland, Uruguay, Caribbean Community nations and many Commonwealth Countries can stay for a maximum of six months.

For other EU member countries, Japan, China and many other countries, the maximum stay is limited to three months, and some nations get a maximum of 28 days. For a full list of visa-exempt countries and the length of permitted stays, visit the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Entry requirements for Barbados

On arrival, all visa-exempt visitors need to show a passport valid for the duration of stay, a ticket for travel out of the country and the address of your planned accommodation in Barbados. If you’re not sure of your travel plans, a reservation at a hotel or villa for the first few nights is usually fine. There’s no need to show a booking for the entire duration of your vacation.

The immigration officer may also ask to see proof of funds to cover costs during your stay; a personal bank statement and a credit card is usually fine.

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Person holding up rum in a glass during a rum tour in Barbados
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The two types of Barbadian tourist visa

Only certain countries are granted visa-free entry. For nationals of countries that require a visa, two types of tourist visas are available: single-entry visas allow one entry for a maximum stay of three months and cost US$107, while multiple-entry visas allow multiple visits over a six-month period and cost US$211.

It’s possible to apply in person at Barbadian missions overseas or by sending documents via courier to the Immigration Office in Bridgetown. Processing time for visas is generally around three weeks from receipt of the application, so leave plenty of time before booking travel.

Visas are usually not stamped in visitor passports; instead, a letter is provided which you'll need to show on arrival in Barbados. For the latest fees and requirements, visit the Barbados Immigration Department website.

Visa extensions for longer stays

Once in Barbados, visitors from visa-exempt nations and travelers with tourist visas can apply for an extension of stay at the Immigration Department offices in Bridgetown. The duration of the extension will depend on what you ask for, your reasons for staying longer, and the date on your travel ticket.

A fee of US$100 is payable and you'll need to provide a passport-sized photograph, a copy of your passport data page and a valid travel ticket showing when you intend to leave the island.

The payment of the fee doesn’t guarantee the extension will be accepted – this is at the discretion of immigration officials. Extensions are more likely to be granted in cases where visitors are able to show a valid need to remain in the country such as ongoing medical treatment.

For more details contact the Immigration Department well in advance – this office is known for working on "island time" so allow plenty of time for the application process.

Woman uses digital tablet on uncrowded beach
Digital nomads are welcome to use the beach as an office in Barbados © Getty Images

Welcome Stamp visas for digital nomads

The new Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa is aimed at digital nomads and remote workers and permits a stay of up to one year in Barbados. Applicants must pay a one-off fee of US$2000 and take out a medical insurance policy covering the duration of their stay. For families, a US$3000 fee covers the visa applicant and direct dependents.

Authorities will assess applications and approve the visa within seven working days; you must then arrive on the island within 12 months to activate the visa. Once settled on the island, visitors on Welcome Stamp visas can come and go from the island as they please.

Children of those residing in the country under the program can attend Barbados private schools or pay a stipend to attend public institutions. For the latest requirements and to apply, check out the official Barbados Welcome Stamp page.

Note that this visa is only meant for visitors working remotely for foreign companies; it does not give the visa holder the right to work in Barbados for a Barbadian company. General working permits for Barbados are notoriously difficult to obtain and involve a long and expensive process requiring sponsorship from a local company.

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