Though some travelers may come for its spectacular beaches or famous architecture like its Opera House, there's much more to Sydney than just its landmarks.

From attending one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world to taking one of the Indigenous-led bridge tours, Sydney is a great place to find connection with others. 

Meissa Mason grew up in Sydney. Here's her idea of the perfect day in her hometown. 


My name is Meissa. I  am 21 and have grown up in both Wollongong and Sydney.  On holidays we would always check out Darling Harbour and the city, so I wanted to show off the Harbour as part of my perfect day!

Why you should visit

Sydney has some of the most incredible beaches in the world, I would recommend traveling for them alone. But the CBD also has great nightlife and the harbor is beautiful!

My best day in Sydney


Three questions with Meissa

We asked Meissa three questions to help you plan your trip to Sydney.

Do you have any advice for travelers to make sure they are respectful when they visit?

Do a bit of research about the traditional custodians of the area you are going to. It's important to acknowledge country and to be respectful in knowing who's Indigenous country you're on. I would also recommend checking out some local museums to learn more about the history of the area and the people.

If someone wants to take home a souvenir, what would you recommend?

Indigenous artwork. There are different stores/galleries around Sydney that sell Indigenous art as well as some artists themselves online, but its important to make sure the art you are buying is authentic and that you're supporting an Indigenous artist when buying it.  

What’s the one thing that someone should pack if they are visiting?

Sunscreen!! Especially if you're traveling here internationally. Australian sun is no joke and you need to be sun safe here. Always pack and wear your sunscreen!!


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