Sure, there’s nothing wrong with spending New Year’s Eve at your local pub; where you’re guaranteed to run into questionable dancing and that aunt you don’t really like, but you have to admit there are more exciting places in the world to watch the clock tick into a brand new year.

From street parties in Amsterdam to romantic evenings in Yangon, here are the stories behind our social media followers’ best ever New Year’s adventures on the road. Perhaps these tales of memorable midnight countdowns and pulsating parties will inspire you to wake up next 1 January somewhere new.

An aerial view of the Singapore NYE firework display. With a series of bright fireworks lighting up the sky above the city's skyscrapers.
Sneaking into a rooftop party gave Louisa a great view of Singapore's NYE firework display © Jennzhen / Getty Images

1. Gatecrashing in Singapore

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Louisa Polson. It reads: "I was in Singapore with no plans and no idea what to do. Decided to hang around the Marina to see if there were any events that didn’t charge an exhortation fee. Noticed a few people file past a security guard standing in front of a large metal gate. Walked up to him and told him we were going to the bar party behind. Ended up at a rooftop bar over looking the marina. The views were spectacular, you could see the entire bay partying."

2. Dancing in the street in Costa Rica

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Catherine Addison. It reads: Montezuma Costa Rica. A great band and salsa competitions in the street, beer raining down from upstairs windows at midnight and everyone cheering and dancing. Then chilling on the beach before bed.

3. Sliding home from the pub in Dublin

Screenshot of a Facebook comment by Irena Kruger. It reads: The only time I welcomed the new year abroad was during my studies in Dublin, Ireland. We did spend the night in a pub, where a friend of mine played live music the whole night. But when I stepped outside there was an absolute silence over the city. That was quite a scary moment as I am used to crashing fireworks in NYE. Two hours later there was a flash freeze which made walking impossible so I slided back home on my rear end to avoid falling.
A boat in the middle of a blue lake fires colourful fireworks into the night sky. On the surrounding shores a number of houses are visible amongst greenery.
The firework boat that hosts a memorable display on Lake Thun each New Year's Eve © greenwayout / Getty Images

4. Champagne on the lake in Switzerland

A screenshot of a Twitter comment by Girls Travel World. It reads: My sister's balcony.Oberhofen, Switzerland. It overlooks Lake Thun. Villages around the lake contribute to a fireworks fund each year.A boat travels up&down the lake stopping outside every village & sets off the fireworks they paid for. We watched with champagne and mulled wine.

5. A romantic evening in Yangon

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Nicole Mine. It reads: Yangon Myanmar surrounded by new friends, having a bbq in my now husbands old back yard where he lived during college, and enjoying life! I just remember there was a lot of laughter that night, the food was good, and it was perfect. It was not a traditional New Years as not everyone there celebrated this New Years, although I could hear fireworks popping off in the background. I was surrounded by laughter, nice people, I had no cares at all.

6. Childhood memories from up high

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Jennifer Geisenhaver. It reads: I’m not sure if it’s the best, but the most unique NYE I’ve ever had was on a plane coming back from Florida. We were still in the air as the clock struck midnight and when I looked out the airplane window, I could see fireworks going off below the plane. I was maybe 11 or 12 at the time and it was such a memorable experience!
The sun sets on Playa Maderas beach, Nicaragua. A group of people walk across the sand towards the sea, one of which carries a surfboard under his arm.
Nicaragua's beautiful beaches make for a good spot to hide out from an impending global digital crash © LMspencer / Shutterstock

7. Escaping the ‘millenium bug’ in Nicaragua

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Sharane Sherman. It reads: Under the looming threat of computer shutdown for Y2K, we set out for the remote east coast of Nicaragua. We flew to Bluefields and loaded up on supplies then found a local fishing boat to take us up the coast to the Cayos Perlas. We ended up on a tiny uninhabited cayo and set up our tents. At midnight we popped the champagne and wondered if the computers around the world were truly seizing up.

8. Seeing snow in Ukraine

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by JC Lim. It reads: 2017; Lviv, Ukraine. I was visiting my good friend who was serving in the Peace Corp and spending time with new friends I met. It snowed that morning, which to a Singapore tropical boy, was quite the magical experience. We trekked through a snow dusted park surrounded by tall trees and lamp posts, and I was sure I had stepped into Narnia. That New Year’s Eve was spent thousands of miles away from home and family.

9. Seeing in the first* sunrise of the New Year

A screenshot of a Twitter comment made by Callum James. It reads: Rhythm & vines festival out on the east coast of New Zealand, north island in Gisborne. Super chilled out festival vibe, with a beach/BBQ scene during the day and top class music/party at night. East coast NZ also gets the first sunrise of the new year too!

*Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati may have something to say about that, Callum.

A cluster of blue-roofed buildings that make up the small town of Phakding, a stop on the trekking route to Everest Base Camp. A lovely blue river sweeps around the town, while the surrounding hills are covered in forest.
Hannah partied with her porters when she spent New Year's Eve on the Everest Base Camp trail © Boy_Anupong / Getty Images

10. Partying on Everest

A screenshot of a Twitter comment made by Hannah Simmons. It reads: Phakding, Nepal on the way back from Everest Base Camp. We were all happy to have made it and had a big party with our guides and porters plus anyone else in the village we could find.

11. An international celebration in Sudan

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Tina Taylor. It reads: NYE maybe not the best , but the most memorable was 1985 I was working for SAVE THE CHILDREN in SUDAN as you can imagine it was the year of Live aid and famine was rife in that region so there were hundreds of aid agencies from all over the world working together , on NYE we started celebrating with the New Zealanders, then the Australians , and every hour on the hour till we had worked our way round the world!

12. Falling in love with NYE travel in Amsterdam

A screenshot of a Facebook comment made by Janie Helen Keen. It reads: New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Flying in on the 31st and seeing the fireworks all over the city from the plane. The fireworks and bangers start during the day on the streets. Dam Square at midnight is something else. Thousands of people letting off fireworks. The police are watching with everyone and no cars are allowed to pass. It’s a very happy place at midnight. We’ve spent 4 or 5 NYE in Amsterdam since.
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