In 2009, the travel world was rocked by swine flu and ’staycations’, but what about 2010? In an extract from Lonely Planet Magazine’s January 2010 edition, Tim Moore takes a look at possible trends.

What happens when the recession-led trend towards staycationing meshes with nostalgia? Camping out in the back garden was most people's introduction to low-impact holidaymaking, and 2010 will see more and more of us spending our summer fortnight under domestic canvas.

'If you've got a hose and a barbecue, you're away,' says a home-camping pioneer, 'though for longer stays I would also recommend a spade.' Don't worry if you don't have a lawn, or even a tent: enterprising households are expected to rent out their rear-garden facilities for the expanding 'shed and breakfast' market.

Be warned, however, that the traditional camping-in-the-garden option of running inside your house the minute it starts raining,  or you hear a funny noise, will no longer be available. In order to afford those air beds and sleeping bags, you had to sub-let your home to a family of foreign holiday-makers.

So what else could be on the cards for travel in 2010? Carbon on-setting, perhaps?

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