The 23rd of April is St George’s Day, the celebration of all things English. We wanted to find out what people love most about this green and pleasant land, so asked the travel community on Facebook and Twitter to tell us their favourite things about England. We received a huge number of responses, as colourful and diverse as the country itself. Here are some of our favourites.

Culture and people

'I love it because you're largely free to be who you want to be.' - @melissa_fix

'History, excellent walking and such a variety in such a small place.' - Hayley D

'The real love of conversation, from gossip to debate to commiseration. Especially over tea!' - @JodieFree

'Love that the country has instructions for everything. All you need to do is follow them while traveling.' - @hemang_joshi

'English history is rich with intrigue, tragedy, success and romance. This little country has so much to tell.' - @Katemerchant

'Its history and traditions charm the pants off you. It's quirky, gorgeous and full of stories. And that accent, sigh.' - @orangejammies

'I love the English greats - Shakespeare, Orwell, Dahl, the Bronte sisters...I love our artists because they inspire!' - @PlummerLover

'[They] apologise by saying sorry for nothing....:-)' - Hans K

'I really like English people. They are always so charming, nice, informed and gracious. Every English person I've ever met always has a great sense of humor, too!' - Amy G

'Rain, wind or freezing cold the English will still go out!' - Jessica B

'Love the Beatles, the stylish football, London on a sunny Sunday, Adele, and last but not at all least - Jude Law.' - @Syringa_chan

'Tea, ability to queue properly, humour, country estates, Britpop, the Queen, literature, the traditional way of life.' - @Yuejn

'We love it when the sun comes out...everyone is super friendly like they have never seen sunshine before.' - @BastiRamUK


'I love Cumbria; it inspired Wordsworth, has England's most beautiful scenery, and the best sticky toffee pudding!' - @austengirl

'London = the world in one place.' - Eman N

'The windswept beauty of Northumberland's empty beaches with castles in the background. Ale pubs. Folk music.' - @Katie_Chester

'Avebury for summer solstice, Gloucestershire for cheese rolling, Devon for cream teas and English ale' - @PhotoHols

'Brick Lane. Where I walked, shopped, and ate all day, then stayed up all night, and learned to love when I was 20.' - @katiejane33

'Lancashire's Ribble Valley. Full of mystery & magic, home of Pendle witches & inspiration for Tolkein & Conan-Doyle.' - @jumbuckeroo

'I love the north of England because of the booming pub culture and the willingness to stop and say hello.' - @tommaude

'Where else in the world do you get rewarded for a three-hour climb with views like this? #lakedistrict' -  @Valentiaroad

Food and drink

'Cornish pasties.' - Sheelagh P

'What we love about England is its people, fish and chips and steak and ale pie. Also the beautiful countryside.' - @TTV_Iceland

'Tea and scones!' - amyroseymacca

'The beer!' - @rmty

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