Known as the “City of the Eternal Spring,” there is a reliable warmth to Medellín. This pleasantness extends beyond its year-round temperatures – that seldom go above the low-80s (26°C) during the day or below the low-60s (15°C) at night – and embodies the amiable spirit of its people, too. With these constants, there are some optimal times during the year to plan your Medellín adventure. This could include one of the city’s hallmark festivals that attract Colombia-wide and global audiences as well as months with higher likelihoods of rain. 

With a revitalization story like no other, thumping nightlife and incredible Andes Mountains vistas greeting you at every turn, this Colombian city is anything but typical. Let’s dig into a year in Medellín with a month-by-month guide to help you find the best time to go for you.

High season: December through March

Best time for a dry trip

Ending and/or beginning your year in Medellín has its advantages. December is a light-filled extravaganza throughout the city, when its Christmas light spectacles – known as Alumbrados Navideños – are on full display typically through to the first or second week of January. As Colombia is a predominantly Catholic country, the Christmas spirit spills into every facet of life, whether it’s decorated public parks or massive, central displays in the city’s malls. December through March also presents the driest season of the year, with only five to 10 days of rain per month.

Shoulder season: June through August

Best time for festivals

If you’re going to book your Medellín trip around one festival, let it be the globally unique and wildly colorful Feria de Las Flores (Flower Festival). Stretching upwards of 10 days, this festival puts Colombia’s orchid and flower growers on full display. Fun fact: Colombia is home to more than 4000 species of orchids! Amid concerts, flower shows and parties galore, the Desfile de Silleteros is the can’t-miss moment, in which locals carry floats on their backs – composed of flowers – from the small town of Santa Elena in a parade through Medellín. In addition to the Flower Festival, you can also catch the International Tango Festival, Poetry Festival and Colombiamoda fashion spectacle during the summer season.

Rainy seasons: April through May; September through November

Best time for a bargain

If you’re looking at a weather app during these months, you’re likely to see a thunder cloud as the forecast for most, if not all, days. You can count on rain upwards of 15 to 20 days out of the month during Medellín’s two rainy seasons. With that being said, this does not mean that every day is a total washout. In fact, most “rainy days” tend to consist of a two-hours-max shower in the late-afternoon. You’ll want to pack an umbrella or raincoat, but if you forget, there will be plenty of poncho vendors selling them on the streets. The periodic shower may be worth the noticeable dough you can save on airfare and hotels.

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A tunnel of brightly colored lights loops over a pedestrian street at night. People gather to admire the lights and take photos
The Christmas lights displays in Medellín continue to mid-January © holgs / Getty Images


The city hangs on to the Christmas spirit as long as possible, but the lights come down by mid-month. Be aware of the Epiphany holiday – on or around January 6 – as many businesses will shut down. In total, Colombia has 18 public holidays throughout the year, so certainly look into them ahead of time.
Key events: New Year’s Day.


The pleasant temperatures keep rolling as bullfighting season (Temporada Taurina) starts. Events are held in the Plaza de Toros La Macarena, which hosts a number of big-time concerts throughout the year, too. 
Key events: Bullfighting season.


A comparatively quiet month in Medellín, unless it’s the rare occasion when Easter falls in March.
Key events: St. Joseph’s Day.


In line with many major cities in South America and beyond, the city noticeably shuts down for Semana Santa. So many in Medellín leave the city to spend time with their families out of the hustle and bustle.
Key events: Expoartesano, Semana Santa (Holy Week).


This is Medellín’s rainiest month. Before any outdoor adventure, pack your poncho and look toward the hills for dark clouds. They can be the most reliable weather forecast around.
Key events: ColomBIOdiversity Festival.

A shot taken within a stadium of players on a football field lit up by floodlights
Catch a soccer match at Atanasio Girardot stadium before the season closes in June © SL-Photography / Shutterstock


Colombia has two soccer seasons each year, with the first season coming to a close in June. Grab a bottle of aguardiente or a bucket of Aguila and catch the playoffs on virtually any television in town. If Atlético Nacional or Deportivo Independiente Medellín are playing, head to Estadio Atanasio Girardot and catch the game(s) in person!
Key events: International Tango Festival.


While the temperatures remain warm, the festival season really starts to heat up in July. From fashion to salsa to poetry, Medellín takes center stage.
Key events: International Poetry Festival, Colombiamoda, Colombia Salsa Festival, Pride 


Orchids and flowers are the talk of the town. Flower Festival events color the city at the beginning of the month with many local businesses showcasing flower displays of their own throughout August.
Key events: Flower Festival and Desfile de Silleteros, International Music Festival.


Love is in the air. Colombia’s version of Valentine’s Day (Día de Amor y Amistad) falls on September 18, so shower your boo accordingly.
Key events: Medellín International Jazz Festival, Día de Amor y Amistad.

Medellin has so many amazing music festivals, including Hip Hop al Parque in October © Raul Arboleda / Getty Images


Typically Medellín’s second rainiest month, plan for a museum, mall and shopping day or two, for sure. Regardless of the weather, definitely get out and about for Halloween. It’s taken very seriously throughout the city.
Key events: Maridaje, Flamenco Festival, Bird Festival, Altavoz, Hip Hop al Parque, Halloween


The city’s second rainy season starts to wind down. While you may be in Medellín, the Cartagena Independence Day celebration is always a big one for the entire country, falling on November 11 or the first Monday after. The day recognizes Cartagena becoming the first city in Colombia to declare independence from Spain.
Key events: Festival De Las Salsa Romántica, Colombian Women’s Day.


Medellín is a global Christmas light destination. Take a stroll along the Río Medellín or virtually any city park – you’ll see why and fall in love with this place that much more.
Key events: Festival de las Luces y Alumbrados Navideños, Christmas Day of Candles, Antioquia Movie Festival.

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