Sardarapat Memorial & Museum


Set on a hill, the stunning orange tuff memorial at Sardarapat commemorates the battle in May 1918 when forces of the first Armenian republic turned back the Turkish army and saved the country from a likely annihilation. Built in 1968 by Russian architect Rafael Israelyan, it's a popular pilgrimage destination for Armenians. About 1km along a flower-laden path is the State Ethnographic Museum, which includes a well-presented ethnographic collection and a hall with battle paraphernalia that's only signed in Armenian.

Sardarapat is about 10km southwest of Armavir, signposted near the village of Araks. Marshrutky leave from Yerevan's Kilikiya Avtokayan for Armavir (AMD400, 50 minutes, every 15 minutes from 7.30am to 8pm), from where you will need to negotiate with a taxi driver to take you to Sardarapat and return you to Armavir after two to three hours at the site. This should cost approximately AMD6000. There's a restaurant at the complex if you wish to have lunch or a coffee.

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