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It is not possible to travel direct to Andorra by air. The nearest airports are Toulouse (France), Barcelona (Spain) and, seasonally, Lleida (Spain), from where you'll have to drive or take a bus across the Andorran border.


The only way to reach Andorra is by road from Spain (CG1) or France (CG2).


International buses use Andorra la Vella's new, central Estació Nacional d'Autobusos. There are also hourly (fewer on Sunday) Montmantell ( buses to La Seu d'Urgell in Spain (€3.10, 45 minutes) from Escaldes.

Buses from Andorra la Vella's Estació Nacional d'Autobusos

  • ALSA ( Lleida (Spain; €19, 2¾ hours, two daily)
  • Andbus ( Toulouse (France; €36, 3½ hours, three daily) and Barcelona airport (Spain; €33, 3¼ hours, seven daily)
  • Directbus ( Barcelona airport (€34, 3¾ hours, 10 daily) via Barcelona Sants (€31, 3¼ hours)
  • Montmantell ( Lleida (€23, 3¼ hours, five daily), Tarragona (Spain; €31, 3¼ hours, one daily) and Reus airport (Spain; €31, three hours, one daily)

Car & Motorcycle

If driving, fill up in Andorra; fuel is substantially cheaper here. Parking can be expensive and a bit of a nightmare, particularly in Andorra la Vella; most hotels usually offer decent parking deals for guests.


There are no train services within or to/from Andorra.


It is not possible to travel to Andorra by sea.