Smaller Caves


A small network of caves in the national park.

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1. Peter's House Cave

0.21 MILES

One of several caves in the park, Peter's House is actually a disused mine shaft, and can be used as a campsite.

2. Red Wall Cave

2.21 MILES

One of the national park's more well-known caves, a 40-minute walk from the mountain hut.

3. North Cave

2.29 MILES

A 30-minute walk north of the mountain hut, North Cave overlooks a waterfall and opens onto views of the highest peaks. Above the waterfall is a pool,…

4. Mt Binga

3.33 MILES

The highest point in the Chimanimani Range is the 2437m-high Mt Binga on the Mozambican border, a stiff three-hour climb from the mountain hut site. Carry…

5. Tessa's Pool

3.79 MILES

A popular place to visit within the national park is this natural swimming hole. Also here are San rock art paintings, but drop by the Outward Bound…

6. Chimanimani National Park

6.72 MILES

With its pristine wilderness, Chimanimani National Park is a hiker's paradise. Sharing a border with Mozambique, the park is still very wild and unspoiled…

7. Eland Sanctuary

10.16 MILES

While you'd be very lucky to spot any elands these days, it's still worth the trek up here for splendid views of the mountainous surrounds. It's 4km north…

8. Chimanimani Anglican Church

10.56 MILES

This historic church featuring lovely stained-glass windows, and believed to be several centuries old, was shipped here from London in 1960.