Caldey Island

South Pembrokeshire

Connected to Tenby by a seasonal boat service, Caldey Island is home to grey seals, sea birds and a red-topped, whitewashed monastery that houses a community of around a dozen Cistercian monks. Make sure you visit sandy Priory Bay, the lighthouse, the village museum, the old priory and St Illtyd's Church, with its oddly shaped steeple. Inside is a stone with inscriptions in Ogham (an ancient Celtic script).

The monks live an austere life but make various luxurious products for sale, including essential oils, soaps and perfumes derived from the island's wildflowers and herbs. You can buy these products on the island or in the Caldey Abbey Shop in Tenby.

Little St Margaret's Island at the western tip of Caldey is a nature reserve (landings are prohibited); it's home to grey seals and Wales' biggest colony of cormorants.

From Tenby, boats to Caldey Island depart half-hourly from about 10.30am during opening days (depending on demand). They leave from the harbour at high tide and from Castle Beach at low tide. Tickets are sold from a kiosk at the harbour slipway.

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