Tao Dan Park

Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Image by Wolfgang Kaehler LightRocket via Getty Images

One of the city's most attractive green spaces is 10-hectare Tao Dan Park, its bench-lined walks shaded with avenues of towering tropical trees, including flame trees and vast Sao Den and So Khi trees. It’s fascinating to visit in the early morning and late afternoon when thousands of locals exercise. Also noteworthy is the daily flocking here of the city’s bird lovers (mainly elderly gentlemen), who arrive, cages in hand, at what is universally known as the bird cafe.

The park is split down the middle by Ð Truong Dinh. To the northeast of Ð Truong Dinh is a small contemporary sculpture garden and the old Cercle Sportif, an elite sporting club during the French-colonial period and now the Labour Culture Palace with tennis courts, a colonnaded art-deco swimming pool and a clubhouse.