Navoi Park


Downtown Tashkent’s largest park has an eccentric mix of brutal Soviet-era, Uzbek government buildings and post-independence monuments, all set in a sprawling modern park.

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1. Wedding Palace

0.12 MILES

Southeast of the Friendship Palace is the Soviet-era Wedding Palace – a vulgar, crooked chunk of Khrushchev-era concrete.

2. Alisher Navoi Monument

0.14 MILES

Near the Oliy Majlis in Navoi Park is a vast promenade and this post-Soviet Monument to Alisher Navoi, 15th-century Turkic poet and Uzbekistan's newly…

3. Oliy Majlis

0.14 MILES

The tightly guarded building southwest of the Friendship Palace is the Oliy Majlis parliament, which functions as a giant rubber stamp in its infrequent…

4. Istiklol Palace

0.19 MILES

Formerly the People’s Friendship Palace, this concert hall is one of several striking Soviet-era buildings in Navoi Park. It looks like a moon-landing…

5. Museum of Applied Arts


The Museum of Applied Arts occupies an exquisite house full of bright ghanch (carved and painted plaster) and carved wood. It was built in the 1930s, at…

6. Kulkedash Medressa

1.21 MILES

The working 16th-century Kulkedash medressa has an unusual garden courtyard and sits beside Tashkent’s silver-domed Juma (Friday) Mosque on a hill…

7. Juma Mosque

1.22 MILES

Tashkent's main Juma (Friday) mosque was built in the 1990s on the site of a 16th-century mosque destroyed by the Soviets. On warm Friday mornings the…

8. Senate Building

1.38 MILES

The shiny white edifice on the western side of the Independence Square is the Senate building. The president's office and most ministries take up the…