State Fine Arts Museum

Top choice in Tashkent

The four floors of this excellent museum walk you through 1500 years of art in Uzbekistan, from 7th-century Buddhist relics from Kuva and the Greek-inspired head of Hercules from Khalchayan near Termiz, to the art of Soviet Uzbekistan. There are even a few 19th-century paintings of second-tier Russian and European artists hanging about. There’s an impressive section on Uzbek applied art – notably some lovely ghanch (plaster carvings) from Bukhara, carved wooden doors from Khiva and the silk-on-cotton embroidered hangings called suzani.

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3. Statue of Timur

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The animal-festooned brick facade of the Tsarist-era Romanov Palace is worth a quick look but the building itself is closed to the public.