Tomb of Jehangir


The focus of the Dorus Siyadat mausoleum complex is the tall Tomb of Jehangir, Timur’s eldest and favourite son, who died at 22. It’s also the resting place for another of Timur's sons, Umar Sheikh. This is a popular place to buy excellent value embroidered bags.

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1. Dorus Siyadat

0.01 MILES

Timur finished the 3500-sq-metre mausoleum complex of the Dorus Siyadat in 1392 and at the time it may have overshadowed even the Ak-Saray Palace. The…

2. Crypt of Timur

0.03 MILES

In the southeastern corner of the long-gone Dorus Siyadat is a bunker with a wooden door leading to an underground room, the Crypt of Timur. The plain…

3. Dorut Tilyovat

0.12 MILES

Facing Kok-Gumbaz is Dorut Tilyovat, the original burial complex of Timur’s forebears. Under the dome on the left is the Mausoleum of Sheikh Shamseddin…

4. Kok-Gumbaz Mosque

0.15 MILES

This heavily renovated, large Friday mosque was completed by Ulugbek in 1434 in honour of his father Shah Rukh (who was Timur’s son). The name,…

5. Chorsu

0.31 MILES

This four-way crossroads bazaar building once marked the heart of Shakhrisabz's old bazaar.

6. Amir Timur Museum

0.49 MILES

Housed inside the renovated Chubin Medressa on the eastern side of the square is this simple museum. Among the maps and models is a war drum, an…

7. Mulk Ashtor Mosque

0.54 MILES

The Mulk Ashtor Mosque was built in 1904 but has roots leading back to the 14th century. It's just inside the old town at the end of a road southwest of…

8. Statue of Timur

0.61 MILES

A huge of Timur stands in front of the ruins of the Ak-Saray Palace.