Fayzulla Khojaev House

Museum in Bukhara

This wealthy merchant's house, built in 1892, was once home to one of Bukhara’s many infamous personalities, the man who plotted with the Bolsheviks to dump Emir Alim Khan. Fayzulla Khojaev was rewarded with the presidency of the Bukhara People’s Republic, chairmanship of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Uzbek SSR, and finally liquidation by Stalin.

Fayzulla lived here until 1925, when the Soviets converted it into a school. Meticulous restoration of the elegant frescoes, ghanch, latticework and Bukhara-style ceiling beams (carved, unpainted elm) has returned it to its former glory. If there’s a tour group present you may be treated to a fashion show, but it's well worth visiting for the gorgeous interiors.