Jewish Cemetery


This cemetry, just south of the Old Town, is perhaps the most impressive evidence of the previous size of the local Jewish community. It's a well maintained and huge space, with centuries of tombs on display.

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1. Synagogue

0.27 MILES

A century ago there were at least seven synagogues in Bukhara, reduced after 1920 to two. This synagogue is located southwest of the old town – from the…

2. Fayzulla Khojaev House

0.32 MILES

This wealthy merchant's house, built in 1892, was once home to one of Bukhara’s many infamous personalities, the man who plotted with the Bolsheviks to…

3. Turki Jandi Mausoleum


Deep in the old town is the tiny and decrepit Turki Jandi mausoleum, favoured for getting one’s prayers answered. Turki Jandi’s tomb is accessed through…

4. Photo Gallery


This private gallery in the former Olimjon Caravanserai contains mesmerising photos of Bukhara Jews, gypsies and city life shot by Bukharan photographer…

5. Gaukushan Medressa

0.51 MILES

At the intersection of Jubar and Naqshbandi is the large 16th-century Gaukushan Medressa, with chipped majolica on its unrestored facade. It's normally…

6. Bukhara Museum of Fine Art

0.52 MILES

This museum of art has a worthy collection of mostly 20th-century paintings by Bukharan and Russian artists, including the atmospheric works of Pavel…

7. Jewish Community Centre & Synagogue

0.53 MILES

Bukhara's main synagogue is in the old town. It holds regular services and also sponsors a functioning Jewish school just around the corner. Look for the…

8. Taki-Sarrafon

0.53 MILES

The Moneychangers' Bazaar is a typically domed bazaar straddling one of Bukhara's main street junctions. It contains several souvenir stalls and a…