Buffalo Bill Statue


Statue of Cody's most famous figure in all his cowboy glory.

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1. Buffalo Bill Center of the West

0.12 MILES

Do not miss Wyoming's most impressive human-made attraction. This sprawling complex of six museums showcases everything Western: from the spectacle of…

2. Old Trail Town

1.61 MILES

The hideouts of Butch Cassidy, Kid Curry and the Sundance Kid comprise this unique museum, a collection of late-19th-century wooden buildings relocated…

3. Buffalo Bill Dam

5.65 MILES

Relatively small by today's standards, in 1910 this was the highest dam in the world – a landmark achieved only after epic battles with incompetent…

4. Buffalo Bill State Park

7.52 MILES

This scenic state park, 6 miles west of Cody, centers on the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and Dam, unveiled in 1910 as the world’s highest dam to provide the…

5. Heart Mountain Relocation Center

11.8 MILES

Following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, more than 110,000 Japanese-Americans were interned in 10 camps across the US. Taking only what they could…