Tacoma Art Museum

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For a look at his small-scale work, don't miss Dale Chihuly's permanent collection at the Tacoma Art Museum. While there you can also check out exhibitions of art from Washington and the rest of the Pacific Northwest, including contemporary Native American work, as well as historic pieces from Japan, Europe and the rest of the Americas.

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1. Federal Courthouse

0.12 MILES

The Tacoma Federal Courthouse is a grand government building that features glass pieces by beloved local artist Dale Chihuly.

2. Museum of Glass

0.17 MILES

The Museum of Glass, with its slanted tower called the Hot Shop Amphitheater, is Tacoma's tribute to native son Dale Chihuly. It has art exhibits and…

3. Point Defiance

6.09 MILES

Take Ruston Way out to Point Defiance, a 700-acre park complex with free-roaming bison and mountain goats, a logging museum, a zoo, an aquari­um and miles…

4. Vashon Heritage Museum

13.85 MILES

Veer off Vashon's main drag and immerse yourself in the island's history at this small but lovingly tended museum in a historic house. Permanent exhibits…

5. Lincoln Park

19.62 MILES

Forest trails, an outdoor swimming pool and scenic beaches make this one of Seattle's most underrated parks.

6. Museum of Flight

19.83 MILES

Even people with absolutely no interest in aviation have been known to blink in astonishment at Seattle's Museum of Flight, which takes visitors on a…

7. Blake Island State Park

20.2 MILES

Seattle's parks offer a welcome reprieve from the city's dazzling, yet exhausting, industrialization. Those looking for a wilder slice of nature should…

8. High Point

20.34 MILES

This intersection marks the highest point in Seattle, 518ft above sea level. Views from the road crossing aren't astounding, but they get better if you…