Dangling Rope

Southeastern Utah

Smallest marina, accessible only by boat. Forty lake-miles from Page.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Southeastern Utah attractions

1. Rainbow Bridge National Monument

6.98 MILES

Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural bridge in the world, at 290ft high and 275ft wide. A sacred Navajo site, it resembles the graceful arc of a rainbow…

3. Antelope Canyon

23.84 MILES

Unearthly in its beauty, Antelope Canyon is possibly the most famous slot canyon in the world. Located on the Navajo Reservation, a few miles east of Page…

4. John Wesley Powell Museum

25.14 MILES

In 1869 one-armed John Wesley Powell led the first Colorado River expedition through the Grand Canyon. This small museum displays memorabilia of early…

5. Navajo Village Heritage Center

25.42 MILES

The Grand Tour at this Navajo center offers a look at Navajo dwellings, a rug-weaving presentation and traditional Navajo storytelling, dancing and…

6. Glen Canyon Dam

25.63 MILES

At 710ft tall, Glen Canyon Dam is the nation’s highest concrete arch dam (the Hoover Dam, 16ft taller, is a different kind of structure). Forty-five…

7. Horseshoe Bend


Calling the view at Horseshoe Bend 'dramatic' is an understatement – the overlook sits on sheer cliffs that drop 1000ft to the river below, as it carves a…