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History suffuses Alabama, a description which could be true of many states. But there are few places where the perception of said history is so emotionally fraught. The Mississippian Native American culture built great mound cities here, and Mobile is dotted with Franco-Caribbean architecture. But for many, the word Alabama is synonymous with the American Civil Rights movement.Perhaps such a struggle, and all of the... Read More

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Gulf Shores Coastal Eco-Tour by Boat

Your eco-tour starts at Happy Harbor in Gulf Shores, where you'll board your boat. Cruise on our 22 passenger open air tour boat, through the lesser-traveled waterways of coastal Alabama— the Intracoastal Waterway, Oyster Bay, Bon Secour Bay, and the Bon Secour River—keeping your eyes open for a variety of birds and marine life including osprey, heron, pelicans, bald eagles, and dolphins. You'll learn about the region through commentary that covers the history, geology, ecology, and characters of the coast, from pirates to empire builders to fishermen. Hear about the highs and lows of the fisheries and the fishing industry from your on-board nature guide.

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Gulf Coast Ducks Triple Splash Duck Boat Tour

On this 70 minute tour you will visit Battleship Memorial Park, a military history park and museum located on the shore of Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama. This incredible museum has a collection of notable aircraft and museum ships including the USS Alabama, which is the winner of nine battle stars in World War II, as well as the Gato-class submarine USS Drum.  You will also get to see a Mach 3 A-12 Blackbird super secret spy plane, the B-52 stratofortress Calamity Jane, and an original plane that was used by the Tuskegee Airmen, plus 22 other aircraft and weaponry from all branches of the military.  After we visit Battleship Memorial park, we switch from land to sea by splashing down into the Mobile River. The tour continues sharing incredible facts about the 9th largest port in the USA, Navy defense warships being built on the Mobile River, and much more. We then come ashore in Downtown Mobile, where we will share all of the exciting things happening in the City - both new and old! We will include details of the first skyscraper in the South, how Mobile is the place to be to celebrate Mardi Gras, details on GulfQuest Maritime Interactive Museum, Mobile's beautiful Downtown Parks, and much more! Then, it is back to the USS Alabama and another splash in Mobile Bay to enjoy the beautiful views of the USS Alabama from the water. This 70 minute tour is the ultimate way to explore both land and sea in South Alabama while being thoroughly entertained by our expert tour guides.

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Delta Wildlife Eco Boat Tour

You'll be treated to a comfortable boat ride with experienced guides and captains.The boat has full cover and enclosure (seasonal) with soft, cushioned seats and backrests, PA System and restroom on board. The knowledgeable staff will narrate the tour and interact with guests through questions and commentary. The varieties of wildlife, mixed with engaging guides ensure that no two tours are alike, you'll want to come back again and again. In addition, these tours depart and return to the 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center in Spanish Fort, Alabama. This 81 acre nature center boasts nature trails, picnic areas, theater, museum and gift shop. All of these amenities are available at no additional charge.

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Mystery Tour in Montgomery AL

Montgomery Mystery Tours boarding location is downtown Montgomery Visitors Bureau, which is at Union Station on 300 Waters Street. Each traveler receives a ready to frame painted ticket voucher. We begin all tours with a songs taught to us by the original FREEDOM RIDERS. We travel to several locations throughout the city stopping at various historical attractions for photos or admissions.  Travelers are able to win prizes playing MORE THAN TRIVIA OR MORE THAN KARAOKE, songs performed by Alabama Artists or written by famous Alabamians.  Recite Movie lines from films produced in Alabama or share a bit of history makes for great fun. We'll have group discussions based on truth and reconciliation about Americas history and encourage participants to engage in what we call American Citizenship.Tour HighlightsMontgomery Mystery Tour explores 19th century architecture and the homes of civil rights pioneers, Old Alabama Town is collection of over 40 authentically restored 19th and 20th century buildings located with in the downtown area.Located in downtown Montgomery, the Museum of Alabama is the only destination where you can explore Alabama's past from prehistory to present.  We'll discover the land, the first Alabama and 14,000 years of Native American Culture. More than 800 artifacts, hundreds of images and documents from Civil War, industrialization, world wars, civil rights the race to the moon, and more. Families can dress in period costume, play with toys from bygone eras, make their own crafts listen to stories and more, The Dexter Parsonage historic home to 12 pastors of the Dexter Avenue King memorial Church from 1920-1992 was restored in 2003. Visitors to the Parsonage will experience the actual residence where Dr. King and his family lived from 1954 to 1960.Freedom Riders Museum learn how 21 young people helped to change our nations history using nonviolent protest. Black and white, male and female, non of them were older than 21. They stepped off the bus at this station knowingly violence would ensue their arrival. Explore works of art inspired by the rides and share your story in our video exhibit. Civil Rights Memorial Center features a biblical reference to justice quoted by Dr. King , bears the names of 40 men, women and children who lost their lives between 1955 and 1968 in the struggle for racial equality.Discover Montgomery's best kept secret at the Equal Justice Initiative located at former Slave Depot in the heart of commerce street where slaves were kept before auction.  It's a memorable and moving experience!

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Dolphins at Sunset Kayak Tour

Upon arrival you'll be greeted by your guide that will introduce you to your kayak and all associated gear.  This tour is perfect for all ages and skill levels (even first timers).  Once everyone is acquainted with their gear, the experienced guide will lead the group out into the waters of the Bon Secour River.  From there you'll paddle out into Oyster Bay and Bon Secour Bay, where you'll take in a majestic sunset over open water.  As the group explores the bays everyone will have a keen eye out for the pods of local Bottle-Nosed Dolphins.  Once we locate them, we'll paddle over to investigate and learn about these amazing creatures.  Your knowledgeable guide will share stories of these animals and how they live.  Be sure to bring a camera to capture all the action.You will come away with an appreciation, understanding, and new found knowledge of dolphins as you learn about their life history, ecology, feeding behaviors, and communal nature. Numerous bird species and natural beauty are also to be found all while enjoying one of the prettiest classrooms on earth, kayaking among the beautiful sights and sounds of our local waterways.

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Secretly Awesome Harbor Tour

You will board the boat at the local's favorite BLUEGILL Restaurant and head out on a unique and fun filled cruise to Mobile Harbor. You'll start in the natural areas of the Delta looking for wildlife, including the ever popular American Alligator. From there you'll enter Mobile Bay and pass the USS Alabama and get to see it from a unique water-side perspective. Learn about the battleship, Mobile Bay and all it's naval history before entering Mobile Harbor. You'll get a up close look at the working waterfront with cargo ships loading and unloading, tug boats and barges moving freight, huge vessels lifted out of the water on incredible dry docks, state of the art vessels being built for the US Navy and so much more! At an unbelievable price, this tour just stacks on the goodness. Like the city it's named for, it's often a secret, AND it's awesome. Perfect for children of all ages.