Seattle Fishermen's Memorial

Ballard & Discovery Park

The bronze Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial at the base of the piers at Fishermen's Terminal just south of Ballard, commemorates Seattle fishers lost at sea. The memorial is also the site of the ceremonial blessing of the fleet, held annually on the first Sunday in May.

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1. Fishermen’s Terminal

0.07 MILES

Seattle’s fishing fleet resides at Fishermen’s Terminal, in a wide recess in the ship canal called Salmon Bay on the south side of the Ballard Bridge…

2. Cors & Wegener Building

0.71 MILES

Once the offices of the early local broadsheet, Ballard News, this is still one of the most impressive historic buildings in Ballard and one of the oldest…

3. Junction Building

0.73 MILES

Now lacking its decorative 3rd-floor corner turret, the narrow Junction Building (dating from 1890) has had all number of reincarnations in its 125-year…

4. Scandinavian American Bank Building


The second-empire-baroque–style Scandinavian American Bank Building is a nice example of the early-1900s tendency to flatter by imitation: its concrete…

5. GS Sanborn Building

0.83 MILES

The GS Sanborn Building is Ballard’s only example of Romanesque architecture, a style that was popular on the East Coast in the 1880s. It has a sandstone…

6. Portland Building

0.89 MILES

A great example of the decorative brickwork that graces many of the buildings along Ballard Ave, the Portland Building has housed all kinds of businesses…

7. Commemorative Bell Tower

0.91 MILES

On the corner of Ballard Avenue NW and 22nd Ave is the original location of Ballard City Hall, sometimes called ‘Hose Hall,' which also contained the jail…

8. Bergen Place Park

0.94 MILES

In case you forget where you are or the origin of the settlers to whom Ballard owes its existence, a quintet of flags fly over diminutive Bergen Place…