Fort Funston

San Francisco

Grassy dunes up to 200ft high at Fort Funston give an idea of what the Sunset District looked like until the 20th century. A defunct military installation, Fort Funston still has 146-ton WWII guns aimed seaward and abandoned Nike missile silos near the parking lot. Nuclear missiles were never launched from the fort; today hang gliders launch and land here. Butterflies and shorebirds also flock to the surrounding park, which is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Loop trails and hang-glider launch areas are wheelchair and stroller accessible, and dogs are allowed off the leash in many areas. The National Park Service is gradually replacing invasive ice plants with native vegetation, and volunteers are welcome to join the effort at the Fort Funston Native Plant Nursery (see website for details). The park entrance is on your right off Skyline Blvd, past Lake Merced.

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