Kahn Building

San Diego

Historic building with kitsch ornate plaster work of fruits at its top. It was recently transformed into 'The Hive,' housing a collection of different local-business offices. It's not open to the public.

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Nearby San Diego attractions

1. Hillcrest Gateway

0.06 MILES

The Hillcrest sign was first hung in 1940; a newer version was erected in 1984.

2. Marston House

0.45 MILES

In the far northwestern corner of Balboa Park is the former home of George Marston, philanthropist and founder of the San Diego Historical Society. Built…

3. Hillcrest Farmers Market

0.64 MILES

More than 150 vendors tout their wares at this friendly Sunday market, with an emphasis on fresh local produce, arts, crafts, flowers and gifts. Plus…

4. Spruce Street Footbridge

0.73 MILES

As you head northward toward Hillcrest consider a detour across the 375ft Spruce St Footbridge. Note that the 1912 suspension bridge, built over a deep…

5. Quince Street Bridge


A 60ft tall wooden-trestle pedestrian bridge built in the early 20th century. It runs across a steep valley.

6. San Diego Zoo

1.11 MILES

This justifiably famous zoo is one of SoCal’s biggest attractions, showing more than 3000 animals representing more than 650 species in a beautifully…

7. Timken House

1.17 MILES

Built in 1887, this grand property was the last home of inventor Henry Timken, one of the first people to add roller bearings to railroad cars. It is a…

8. Carousel


A traditional carousel dating back to 1910, offering 5-minute rides on colorfully painted animals.