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Famous for not being particularly famous, the nation's 43rd state is a pristine wilderness of Alaskan proportions, rudely ignored by passing traffic heading west to Seattle or east to Montana. In truth, much of this lightly trodden land is little changed since the days of Lewis and Clark, including a vast 15,000-sq-km 'hole' in the middle of the state and bereft of roads, settlements, or any other form of human... Read More

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$1099 Water sports

Canyons of the Lower Salmon River Raft and Kayak Trip

The Lower Salmon River in Idaho just might be the perfect family rafting trip. Warm water, great weather, white sand beaches, and exciting rapids. It’s the full package for family fun. No lines to stand in, no hidden costs to pay upon arrival, no crowds, no internet, no cell service. If you’re family is looking for the trip they will all remember forever, this is it.

$878 Water sports

3-Day Whitewater Rafting Trip Through Hells Canyon

Rising nearly 8,000 feet from the bottom of the Snake River to the peak of the Seven Devils Mountains, Hells Canyon is North America’s deepest canyon. This 3-day whitewater adventure offers breathtaking views of towering canyon walls, vast meadows of wildflowers, glimpses of wildlife and some of the best whitewater North America has to offer. Between rapids, you’ll spend time exploring the long and colorful history of the canyon. You'll uncover traces of past inhabitants from historic cabins and homesteads to ancient pictographs, with Class III and IV rapids taking you through stunning scenery.

$975 Water sports

3 or 4 Day Whitewater Rafting Trip through the Salmon River in Idaho

3-4 days of class II, III, and IV whitewater rafting, including  2-3 nights luxury beach camping with fantastic river meals. Pristine white sandy beaches, beautiful Salmon River Canyon and wildlife scenery. Native American Indian pictograph and historic pioneer homestead site viewing. There is also optional hiking, fishing and kayaking.