Bozeman & Gallatin Valley

Bozeman is what all those formerly hip, now-overrun Colorado mountain towns used to be like. The laid-back, old-school rancher legacy still dominates over the New West pioneers with their mountain bikes, skis and climbing racks. But that's changing rapidly. It is now one of the fastest-growing towns in America.

The brick buildings downtown, overflowing with brewpubs and boutiques, still retain their dusty historic appeal and you can spend days in the surrounding Bridger and Gallatin Mountains without seeing another human.

And, while Big Sky up the forested Gallatin Valley is besieged with condos and town-homes, Bridger Bowl is so underdeveloped you might question whether the place is still open. In short, get here quick so you can tell your kids about the time you were in Bozeman while it was still one of the coolest unknown towns in the Rockies.

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