Fort Pitt Museum


This museum tells the story of the French and Indian War of the mid-18th century, which brought Pittsburgh into being. The surrounding waterfront, a state park, is lovely on a summer day.

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1. Duquesne Incline

0.48 MILES

This nifty funicular and its Monongahela Incline twin down the road, both built in the late 19th century, are Pittsburgh icons, zipping up the steep slope…

2. Monongahela Incline

0.56 MILES

Twin to the Duquesne Incline and built in the late 19th century, this funicular offers a great perspective over the city.

3. Allegheny Landing

0.57 MILES

They call Pittsburgh the 'city of rivers,' so it's only appropriate that it has a park from which to admire its internal waterways. Allegheny Landing was…

4. Carnegie Science Center

0.61 MILES

With a lobby smelling of popcorn, this science museum is a cut above the average, with exhibits on everything from outer space to robots to candy. A…

5. Andy Warhol Museum

0.65 MILES

This six-story museum celebrates Pittsburgh's coolest native son, Andy Warhol, who moved to NYC, got a nose job and made himself famous with pop art. One…

6. Children's Museum of Pittsburgh


Kill a day (or at least half a day) with the kids at this multistory fun house, which includes an attic space devoted to illusions, a waterplay area, a…

7. National Aviary


Often overlooked due to its proximity to the excellent Science Center and Children's Museum, this is nonetheless a fantastic opportunity to see all kinds…

8. Heinz History Center

0.94 MILES

Local history and lore is shared with verve and color – there's even an exhibit dedicated to children's TV host and native son Fred Rogers. It also…