Eagle Nest Lake State Park

The community of Eagle Nest sits at the edge of a 2400-acre lake that’s filled with pike. Motorboat rentals are available at Eagle Nest Marina. You can camp here ($10), but it's not as nice as nearby Cimarron Canyon.

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1. Cimarron Canyon State Park

5.23 MILES

Seven miles east of Eagle Nest on US 64, Cimarron Canyon State Park runs alongside a dramatic 8-mile stretch of the scenic Cimarron River, hued in pine…

2. Taos Pueblo

16.06 MILES

The Pueblo is centered on twin five-story adobe complexes, set on either side of the Río Pueblo de Taos, against the stunning backdrop of the Sangre de…

3. Taos Art Museum at Fechin House


Russian artist Nicolai Fechin moved to Taos in 1926, aged 46, and adorned the interior of this adobe home with his own distinctly Russian woodcarvings…

4. Philmont Scout Ranch

18.22 MILES

A 214-sq-mile adventure camp for the Boy Scouts of America, the ranch complex is also home to four unique museums. The new National Scouting Museum, which…

5. National Scouting Museum

18.22 MILES

Opened in 2018, this small but engaging museum spotlights the history and traditions of the Boy Scouts of America and shares historic artifacts connected…

6. Kit Carson Home & Museum

18.24 MILES

A short walk east of the Plaza, the little-changed former home of Kit Carson (1809–68) – perhaps the Southwest's most famous mountain man, guide, trapper,…

7. Blumenschein Home & Museum

18.46 MILES

Wonderfully preserved adobe residence, dating originally from 1797, which provides a vivid glimpse of life in Taos’ artistic community during the 1920s…

8. Harwood Museum of Art

18.52 MILES

Attractively displayed in a gorgeous and very spacious mid-19th-century adobe compound, the paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and photographs here…