Reeder's Alley


Step back into old-old Helena on this short stretch of brick road lined with historic buildings and log cabins. It was named after Louis Reeder – the man who figured out that constructing cabins out of brick and mortar meant the town burned down less often. Although we would love to see sidewalk cafes in place of the offices now occupying the buildings, it's still a pleasant walk up to the oldest log bridge still being used in Montana.

You'll also find the small Helena Visitor Center here.

Nearby Montana attractions

1. Historic Downtown Pedestrian Mall

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2. Holter Museum of Art

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This museum in downtown Helena exhibits contemporary art by Montana artists in a variety of mediums.

3. Cathedral of St Helena

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4. State Capitol

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This grand neoclassical building was completed in 1902 and is known for its beacon-like dome, richly decorated with gold-rimmed paintings inside.