Cathedral of St Helena


Rising like an apparition from old Europe over the town is this neo-Gothic cathedral completed in 1924, some 16 years after construction began. Highlights include the baptistry, organ and intricate stained-glass windows.

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1. Holter Museum of Art

0.13 MILES

This museum in downtown Helena exhibits contemporary art by Montana artists in a variety of mediums.

2. Historic Downtown Pedestrian Mall


Helena was born with the discovery of gold in 1864 along the creek that is now Last Chance Gulch road. The pedestrian-only mall weaves between the…

3. Reeder's Alley

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Step back into old-old Helena on this short stretch of brick road lined with historic buildings and log cabins. It was named after Louis Reeder – the man…

4. State Capitol


This grand neoclassical building was completed in 1902 and is known for its beacon-like dome, richly decorated with gold-rimmed paintings inside.