Waterfall Arts

Midcoast Maine

On the way north out of Belfast, stop in at Waterfall Arts, a nonprofit contemporary arts center that hosts exhibitions, lectures, art classes, musical performances, film screenings and more. Check its website for the events calendar.

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Nearby Midcoast Maine attractions

1. Armistice Bridge

0.21 MILES

This bridge was once threatened with destruction after a larger span carrying US 1 car traffic was built nearby, but dedicated preservationists raised a…

2. High Street Studio & Gallery

0.39 MILES

A studio and gallery exhibiting the bright paintings by a trio of local women. Also has highly regarded painting workshops and classes throughout the year…

3. Colburn Shoe


Colburn Shoe has a sweet and simple claim to fame: it's the oldest operating shoe store in the country (from 1832).

4. United Farmers Market of Maine

0.51 MILES

This excellent, year-round farmers market features lots of prepared foods and a ton of craftspeople, artisans, artists and entertainment. It's basically a…

5. Farmers Market

2.26 MILES

Belfast's Farmers Market features an avalanche of produce, fresh cheeses, seafood and other goodies. Compared to the United Farmers Market of Maine, this…

6. Moose Point State Park

3.45 MILES

Besides having perhaps the perfect name for a Maine state park, Moose Point also boasts tide pools, a rocky coastline, groves of dark-green woods and…

7. Penobscot Marine Museum

4.83 MILES

The superb Penobscot Marine Museum houses Maine’s biggest collection of mariner art and artifacts, which is spread through a number of historic buildings…

8. Sears Island

6.43 MILES

You can (and should) explore Sears Island on foot. This uninhabited, 940-acre conservation area is connected by causeway to the mainland north of…