Hawaiʻi's eastern corner is a challenging place to live. Often drenched by rain, occasionally scorched by lava, and somewhat disconnected from the rest of the island, Puna attracts a unique assortment of free-spirited characters who enjoy living on the edge.

This is the home of hippies, funky artists, alternative healers, Hawaiian sovereignty activists, pakalolo (marijuana) growers, organic farmers and off-the-grid survivalists. A nickname for all these folks, which they enthusiastically embrace, is Punatics. Collectively they embody a disconcerting blend of laid-back apathy to the world and intense emotion.

But even if you prefer to keep your mana (spiritual essence) more on the down-low, you'll still find plenty of compelling reasons to explore the land where the sun rises: from warm springs and world-class snorkeling to yoga centers and a couple of fine surf breaks. Go now, before Pele decides it's time to hit the reset button.

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