Big Island, Hawaii, Ka'u, North America, United States
Nechung Darje Drayand Ling Buddhist Temple, Wood Valley Road, Ka'u.

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Wood Valley Temple

Hawaiʻi the Big Island

Its official name, which translates to 'Immutable Island of Melodious Sound,' perfectly captures the valley's wind and birdsong. Just outside Pahala, you can't miss the splash of color of this Tibetan Buddhist temple juxtaposed against its green, 25-acre forested retreat center. Visitors are welcome to join chanting (10am Sunday), or to just visit the temple and gift shop.

A meditative guesthouse lets you stay a few nights.

After starting life as Nichiren Mission in 1902, the temple was rebuilt in 1925 and then abandoned when the Wood Valley population decreased due to Sugar Mill mechanization in the late 60s. It reopened in the 1973, and was visited by the Dalai Lama in 1980 and1994.

Turn off Hwy 11 onto Kamani St, then right into Pikake St, which becomes Wood Valley Rd; the retreat is about 5 miles inland.

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