Kahili (Rock Quarry) Beach

Hanalei Bay & the North Shore

Scenic, rugged Kahili Beach nestles between the cliffs at the point where Kilauea Stream meets the ocean. Only its western section is readily accessible, though determined hikers can also reach the rougher eastern portion. There’s no protective barrier reef at the rivermouth, so it’s a popular surfing spot. On calm summer days, swimmers can enter the water further west, but watch out for the rip current from the stream.

The dirt road down to Kahili Beach branches left half a mile along Wailapa Rd from the point where it cuts north from Kuhio Hwy (between Miles 21 and 22). Starting at a bright-yellow water valve, it’s a rough half-mile drive to the rather magical grove of trees backing the ocean; if you don't have 4WD, it’s generally best to walk.