Fuji Beach


Nicknamed 'Baby Beach' because an offshore reef creates a shallow, placid pool of water that’s perfect for toddlers, it's located in a modest neighborhood that attracts few tourists. This is a real locals’ beach. Please be respectful.

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2. Orchid Alley

0.63 MILES

Tucked down a little path off the main drag is this orchid nursery and butterfly garden. The owners have been here for over 20 years. They sell orchids…

3. Kapaʻa Beach Park

0.64 MILES

From the highway, you’d think that Kapaʻa is beachless. But along the coast is a low-key, mile-long ribbon of golden sand. While the whole area is…

4. Coco Palms Resort

1.78 MILES

In decades past, it was Kauaʻi's most iconic beachfront resort hotel.

5. Holoholoku Heiau


Thought to be the oldest luakini (temple dedicated to the war god Ku, often a place for human sacrifice) on the island, Holoholoku Heiau is located a…

6. Kealia Beach Park

1.97 MILES

Blessed with a wild, near-pristine location, a laid-back vibe and easy access via car or the coastal path, scenic Kealia is the Eastside's best beach…

7. Hikina'akala Heiau

2.05 MILES

In the sacred Waimea River Valley, the Hikinaʻakala Heiau sits south of the Wailua River mouth, which is today the north end of Lydgate Beach Park. In its…

8. Lydgate Beach Park

2.09 MILES

A narrow stretch of blond sand strewn with driftwood can entertain restless kids of all ages, all afternoon. Generally safe swimming can be found in two…