End of the Road

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

Sort of. The road ends where the lava says it ends, having consumed this coastal section of Chain of Craters Road repeatedly since 1969. Currently there is a small ranger shack, pit toilets and a small concession stand at the turnaround. Parking is limited to the shoulders as you approach; evening lava-hunters (and their vehicles) have disappeared since the lava stopped in 2018.

Sadly, the iconic pahoehoe (smooth flowing lava)–ensconced 'Road Closed' sign is gone. It was removed in 2014 so bulldozers could punch in a new $5.1 million gravel emergency access route to Kalapana – which was promptly buried again in 2016. Cyclists and pedestrians are welcome to carry on to Kalapana – 8 miles east.