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Wynwood Walls

Wynwood & the Design District

In the midst of rusted warehouses and concrete blah, there's a pastel-and-graffiti explosion of urban art. Wynwood Walls is a collection of murals and paintings laid out over an open courtyard that invariably bowls people over with its sheer color profile and unexpected location. What’s on offer tends to change with the coming and going of major arts events, such as Art Basel, but it's always interesting stuff.

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Nearby Wynwood & the Design District attractions

1. Margulies Collection at the Warehouse

0.32 MILES

Encompassing 45,000 sq ft, this vast not-for-profit exhibition space houses one of the best art collections in Wynwood – Martin Margulies' awe-inspiring…

2. Bakehouse Art Complex


One of the pivotal art destinations in Wynwood, the Bakehouse has been an arts incubator since well before the creation of the Wynwood Walls. Today this…

3. Bacardi Building

0.66 MILES

You don’t need to be a rum-lover to appreciate the former Miami headquarters of the world’s largest family-owned spirits company, Bacardi. The main event…

4. Art Fusion

0.67 MILES

This sprawling gallery in Midtown carries a hugely varied collection, with artists from around the globe. You'll find sculpture, portraiture, landscapes…

5. Miami City Cemetery

0.69 MILES

This quiet graveyard, the final resting place of some of Miami-Dade’s most important citizens, is a sort of narrative of the history of the city cast in…

6. Locust Projects


Locust Projects has become a major name for emerging artists in the contemporary art scene. Run by artists as a nonprofit collective since 1998, LP has…

7. Palm Court

0.88 MILES

At the epicenter of the Design District is this pretty courtyard, which opened just before Art Basel back in 2014. It's set with tall palm trees, two…

8. Living Room

0.89 MILES

Just to remind you that you’re entering the Design District is a big, surreal public art installation of, yep, a living room – just the sort of thing you…