Garden of the Phoenix


The enchanted Garden of the Phoenix floats in Jackson Park. Birds flit through the sunlight, turtles swim in the lagoons, and stone-cut lanterns dot the exotic landscape, which feels worlds away from the city. Yoko Ono's sculpture Sky Landing – comprised of 12 large steel lotus petals – adds a groovy touch. It's all located on Wooded Island, behind the Museum of Science & Industry.

The easiest way to access the isle is via the Clarence Darrow Bridge, a stone's throw from the museum's south parking lot, but it seems to be perpetually under repair. If it's closed you'll have to walk three-quarters of a mile southeast through the Bobolink Meadow and around the East Lagoon to get to the isle's other bridge. Tranquil footpaths and wading blue herons are your reward.

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