General Sherman Tree

Sequoia National Park

By volume the largest living tree on earth, the massive General Sherman Tree rockets into the sky and waaay out of the camera frame. Pay your respects to this giant (which measures more than 103ft around at its base and 276ft tall) via a concrete path with stairs from the upper parking lot off Wolverton Rd. The trail cleverly starts at the height of the tree's tip (27 stories high) and descends 0.5 miles to its base.

Then join the Congress Trail, a 2-mile paved loop that takes in General Sherman and other notable named trees, including the see-through Telescope Tree. Hint: take your time on the steep walk back up from the grove – it's 7000ft in elevation and the air is thin. If the idea of walking back to your car doesn't thrill you, catch the shuttle (summer only) from the lower parking lot (disabled-placard parking only) near the General Sherman Tree and ride it back to the main parking area, about 2 miles south of Lodgepole Village.