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Natural Bridges State Beach

Santa Cruz

Great for sunsets, this sandy beach fronted by a natural sandstone bridge is a family favorite and tops for wildlife viewing. Scan the bay for whales, seals and otters or, at low tide, comb tide pools for sea stars and sea anemones. Shorebirds patrol the skies, while monarch butterflies make the park their winter home, usually arriving mid-October and leaving in late January.

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1. Seymour Marine Discovery Center

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This educational center is part of UCSC’s Long Marine Laboratory. Interactive natural-science exhibits include tidal touch pools and aquariums, while…

2. Its Beach

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The only official off-leash beach for dogs (before 10am and after 4pm) in Santa Cruz is just west of the lighthouse. The field across the street is…

3. Santa Cruz Surfing Museum


A mile southwest of the wharf along the coast, this tiny museum inside an old lighthouse is packed with memorabilia, including vintage redwood surfboards…

4. Sanctuary Exploration Center

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6. Santa Cruz Wharf

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Seafood restaurants, gift shops and barking sea lions all compete for attention along Santa Cruz's wharf, the longest wooden wharf in the US.

7. UCSC Arboretum

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Amble around this peaceful arboretum and picturesquely decaying 19th-century structures from Cowell Ranch, upon which the UCSC campus was built.

8. University of California, Santa Cruz

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Check it: the school mascot is a banana slug! Established in 1965 in the hills above town, UCSC is known for its creative, liberal bent. The rural campus…