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Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby South Bay Beaches attractions

1. Redondo Beach Pier


Arching from the bottom of Torrance Blvd all the way to King Harbor, this classic 1960s multilevel beast is the Redondo hub, with plenty of pierside…

2. Redondo & Torrance Beaches

0.35 MILES

Redondo Beach is a working-class beach town, the largest in the South Bay and the most ethnically diverse. As it wanders inland it bleeds into neighboring…

3. Hermosa Beach

1.91 MILES

Strolling down Hermosa Beach’s Pier Ave on a summer weekend, you’re immediately struck by two things: everybody’s wearing flip-flops, tiny tees and a tan,…

5. Manhattan Beach

3.75 MILES

If Manhattan Beach had its own magazine, it would surely be called Gorgeous Living. Classy beachside cottages, bougainvillea-lined walk streets, bustling…

6. South Coast Botanic Garden

4.46 MILES

It’s hard to believe that this 87-acre, flowering and fruiting, sprouting and sprawling blast of life (we’re talking around 2000 species) was reclaimed…

7. Green Hills Memorial Park

6.41 MILES

Among the 'residents' of this cemetery is Charles Bukowski, buried in plot number 875 of the Ocean View section.

8. Wayfarers Chapel

6.44 MILES

The most stunning non-natural attraction on Palos Verdes was built by Lloyd Wright (son of Frank) in 1951, and no matter where you stand among the great…