Brassfield Estate

Along Highway 101

Remote, stunning Tuscan villa in the unique High Valley appellation surrounded by magnificent landscaped gardens.

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1. Clear Lake State Park

6.04 MILES

Four miles from Kelseyville, on the lake’s western shore, this park is idyllic and gorgeous, with hiking trails, fishing, boating and camping. The bird…

2. Chacewater Winery & Olive Mill

8.09 MILES

Sample a wide array of largely organic wines and then soak up the alcohol with an equally memorable olive oil tasting. Bring your favorite bottle to the…

3. Wildhurst

8.48 MILES

Looking like a Western movie set, downtown Kelseyville is where family-owned winery tasting rooms such as Wildhurst (tasting free) rustle beside hardware…

4. Kaz Winery

9.92 MILES

A cult favorite, supercool Kaz is about blends: whatever is in the organic vineyards goes into the wine – and they’re blended at crush, not during…

5. Olof Cellars

11.36 MILES

If you visit one boutique winery in Lake County make it Olof Cellars. The wines are excellent – most are reds aged for a minimum of three years – and the…

6. Calpine Geothermal Visitor Center

21.35 MILES

The Geysers is the largest geothermal energy complex in the world, generating 850 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. Check out operator Calpine's…

7. Saracina Vineyards

22.44 MILES

The highlight of a tour here is the descent into the cool caves (book a day in advance). Sensuous whites and rare-in-California Malbecs are all…

8. Graziano Family of Wines

22.47 MILES

The Italian Graziano family is one of the oldest grape-growing families in Mendocino County and specializes in ‘Cal-Ital’ wines – including Primitivo,…