Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disneyland Resort

Inspired by mining during the gold rush era, this train-style roller coaster takes you through Big Thunder ghost town, under waterfalls, escaping a landslide and more. FastPass accepted.

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1. Frontierland

0.07 MILES

This Disney 'land' is a salute to old Americana: the Mississippi-style paddle-wheel Mark Twain Riverboat, the 18th-century replica Sailing Ship Columbia,…

2. Sailing Ship Columbia

0.07 MILES

Take a slow boat on the Rivers of America in this replica of an 18th-century sailing ship.

3. King Arthur Carrousel

0.08 MILES

Younger kids love taking a spin around this old-time merry-go-round. Choose from 68 wooden horses or a chariot to ride, to the music of a classic carnival…

4. Fantasyland

0.08 MILES

Fantasyland is filled with the characters of classic children’s stories. If you only see one attraction here, visit it’s a small world, a boat ride past…

5. Sleeping Beauty Castle

0.09 MILES

At the far end of Main Street USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle is an obligatory photo op and most recognizable landmark. Its towering blue turrets, loosely…

6. Mark Twain Riverboat

0.09 MILES

One of Disneyland's original rides from 1955, the Mississippi River–style paddle-wheeler Mark Twain Riverboat offers a relaxing cruise on the Rivers of…

7. Mr Toad's Wild Ride


This old-school attraction is inspired by Mr Toad of The Wind in the Willows fame. It's a loopy jaunt in an open-air jalopy through London.

8. Mad Tea Party

0.11 MILES

The swirling teacups on this classic ride have entertained generations of kids.