The highlight of many Everglades trips, this gallery showcases the work of Clyde Butcher, an American photographer who follows in the great tradition of Ansel Adams. His large-format black-and-white images elevate the swamps to a higher level. Butcher has found a quiet spirituality in the brackish waters and you might, too, with the help of his eyes. Every Labor Day (first weekend in September), the gallery holds a gala event, which includes a fun $20 swamp walk onto his 30-acre property; the party attracts swamp-stompers from across the state.

Take a walk on the wet and wild side with a swamp walk behind the gallery. If you don't mind getting soggy, this is one of our favorite ways of exploring the Everglades. You'll slog under a blooming, moss-draped canopy of wispy cypress leaves and blooming flowers, squishing your way near the spidery trunks of the trees that interlace the Western Everglades. Call ahead to reserve a tour.