Kirby Storter Roadside Park

Everglades National Park

Though short in size (1 mile total out and back) this elevated boardwalk leads to a lovely overlook where you can often see a variety of birdlife (ibis and red-shouldered hawks) amid tall cypresses and strangler figs, plus of course alligators.

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1. Big Cypress National Preserve

2.91 MILES

The 1139-sq-mile Big Cypress Preserve (named for the size of the park, not its trees) is the result of a compromise between environmentalists, cattle…

2. Skunk Ape Research Headquarters

6.36 MILES

This only-in-Florida roadside attraction is dedicated to tracking down southeastern USA’s version of Bigfoot, the eponymous Skunk Ape (a large gorilla-man…

3. Ochopee

8.06 MILES

Drive to the hamlet of Ochopee (population about four)…no…wait…turn around, you missed it! Then pull over and break out the cameras: Ochopee’s claim to…

4. Big Cypress Gallery

9.47 MILES

This gallery showcases the work of Clyde Butcher, an American photographer who follows in the great tradition of Ansel Adams. His large-format black-and…

5. Smallwood Store

12.52 MILES

Perched on piers overlooking Chokoloskee Bay, this wooden building dates back to 1906, when a pioneer by the name of Ted Smallwood opened his rustic…

6. Museum of the Everglades

13.39 MILES

For a break from the outdoors, don't miss this small museum run by volunteers who have a wealth of knowledge on the region's history. Located in the town…

7. Fakahatchee Strand Preserve

13.9 MILES

The Fakahatchee Strand, besides having a fantastic name, also houses a 20-mile by 5-mile estuarine wetland that looks like something from the beginning of…

8. 10,000 Islands

16.18 MILES

One of the best ways to experience the serenity of the Everglades – somehow desolate yet lush, tropical and forbidding – is by paddling the network of…