At first glance, downtown Phoenix appears to be all buttoned-up business and bureaucracy (the state capitol is here), but it does have a spring in its step. The Valley of the Sun's best museums are all located here, in the metro area's central city, though many sights are spread far and wide and may require as much as 30 minutes to reach in a car, depending on traffic.


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American Southwest culture can be found everywhere in Phoenix, with its arts, history, quirky family activities and arid landscape of the Sonoran Desert to…

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Day Trips

While there's plenty to see in Phoenix, the state capital is an ideal base for exploring the attractions of Arizona. Try these top day trips from Phoenix.

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The sophisticated metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona, was once a peaceful sprawl of small villages. Here's a guide to the best ways to get around today.

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Free Things to Do

These top tips can help you find all the best free things to do in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Phoenix, Arizona skyline at dusk

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