New Orleans Square

Area in Disneyland Park

New Orleans Square has all the charm of the eponymous city's French Quarter but none of the marauding drunks. New Orleans was the favorite city of Walt and his wife Lillian, and he paid tribute to it by building this stunning square lined with restaurants and attractions.

Pirates of the Caribbean is the longest ride in Disneyland (17 minutes) and provided ‘inspiration’ for the popular movies. You’ll float through the subterranean haunts of tawdry pirates, where dead buccaneers perch atop their mounds of booty and Jack Sparrow pops up occasionally. Over at the Haunted Mansion, 999 ‘happy haunts’ – spirits, goblins, shades and ghosts – appear and evanesce while you ride in a cocoon-like ‘Doom Buggy’ through web-covered graveyards of dancing skeletons.