Waterfront Promenade


Ketchikan’s newest boardwalk is the Waterfront Promenade, which begins near Berth 4, passes Harbor View Park (a city park that is composed entirely of decking and pilings), follows the cruise-ship docks and then wraps around Thomas Basin Harbor. Along the way there are plenty of whale-tail and halibut benches where you can take a break and admire the maritime scenery.

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Nearby Ketchikan attractions

1. Hopkins Alley

0.07 MILES

Up in Newtown, just north of the road tunnel, is an old wooden boardwalk furnished with buildings constructed in the early 20th century on the profits of…

2. Tongass Historical Museum

0.43 MILES

Houses a collection of local historical and Alaska Native artifacts, many dealing with Ketchikan’s fishing industry. More interesting is the impressive…

3. Southeast Alaska Discovery Center

0.46 MILES

Three large totems greet you in the lobby of this center run by the National Park Service (NPS), while a school of silver salmon suspended from the…

4. Creek Street

0.53 MILES

Departing from Stedman St is Creek St (a boardwalk built over Ketchikan Creek on pilings), a history book of misshapen wood-paneled houses painted in…

5. Dolly's House

0.55 MILES

Dolly's house, in Creek St, looks like a dollhouse from the outside, but it once operated as a bastion of the world's oldest profession (read:…

6. Thomas Basin

0.65 MILES

Thomas Basin is home to Ketchikan’s fishing fleet and is the city’s most picturesque harbor. When the boats come in, you can photograph them unloading…

7. Totem Heritage Center

0.81 MILES

For a crash course in Southeast Alaska's impressive totem art look no further than the Totem Heritage Center, where old poles brought from deserted…

8. Saxman Native Village & Totem Park

2.86 MILES

On South Tongass Hwy, 2.5 miles south of Ketchikan, is this incorporated Tlingit village of 475 residents. It's best known for Saxman Totem Park, which…