In the southwest corner of town, you'll see – well, you may or may not see, but you'll be on top of – the remains of the ancient village of Ukpiagvik. The site is marked by the remains of semi-subterranean sod huts, which appear as little rises upon the flat landscape.

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1. Utqiaġvik Presbyterian Church


This old church stands humble but strong, battered by the unceasing sea salt and snow winds of the far north. The church welcomes visitors to its services…

2. North Slope Borough Offices

0.52 MILES

Encompassing some 88,695 sq miles of land area, the Alaskan borough of North Slope is larger than all but 10 American states, but with a population of…

3. Iñupiat Heritage Center

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This 24,000-sq-ft facility houses a museum, gift shop and a large multipurpose room where short traditional dancing-and-drumming performances take place…

4. Ilisagvik College

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Ilisagvik is the only tribal-controlled college in Alaska, and the northernmost community college in the country. The campus consists of a main building…

5. End of the Road

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The northernmost extremity of the US (though not, as locals sometimes claim, North America) is Point Barrow, but it's tough to get to this narrow strip of…